Bill Dickens NAMM Music award at The Promontory


Location:The Promontory 5311 S. Lake Park Ave., Chicago IL 60615

Venue:Bill Dickens NAMM Award at The Promontory


Bill “the Buddha” Dickens’ Award Party hosted by Victor Wooten

Bill Dickens – The Buddha – legendary electric bass guitarist is on deck to receive yet another award, this time from NAMM for the 2019 NAMM Believe in Music Award. The award is scheduled during the January 24-27, 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim. This special award recognizes Bill’s work in supporting the music community and the role he has played in helping grow the NAMM Oral History program. Bill Dickens has been on the scene since 1971 and has played with many legendary performers, all of whom have added their genius to the history of American music. The Oral History Program archives the sights, sounds and creative art of our many inventive musicians – past and present. All are remembered so we can all grow our history together. The future is our continuing history. Bill has developed new music forms, is a composer, performer, teacher and mentor to emerging artists. He has designed and invented new electric bass guitars (seven and nine strings!) and even discovered the lowest playable note, and hearable, too. Expanding the music that moves our inner lives, Bill “the Buddha” Dickens continues to work the spectrum of his art form, from the past to the unknown future. He is of history, and in history, and making history. A dynamic grace note for our lives, Bill has earned his awards and we are grateful for him. Victor Wooten (5 time Grammy Winner) will be Co-Hosting and there will be other renown guests (which you won’t want to miss) sitting in with the Buddha and his band. This will be a legendary night of music with Chicago’s hometown hero. Come celebrate together with Bill Dickens!